Temporary Delegation of Parental Rights

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The temporary delegation of parental authority through a Power of Attorney can be a useful tool for parents who will temporarily be unavailable to make decisions on behalf of their child. If you are planning an adults-only vacation, a business trip, or if you are at risk for jail time or deportation, then a Power of Attorney allows you to nominate an agent to act on your behalf with regard to your children.
These are the requirements for a temporary delegation of parental authority through a Power of Attorney in Utah:

  • Signed under oath in the presence of a notary public
  • Expires within six months of the signing date
  • Names an adult (18 or older) to act on behalf of the parent or guardian

The power of attorney may allow the named agent to make decisions regarding health care, schooling, housing, child care, etc. However, a parent or guardian cannot delegate the power to consent to marriage or adoption. Additionally, a parent may place limits on the agent’s decision-making powers.
The power of attorney can be revoked at any time by delivering a written notice to the agent named in the power of attorney.
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